The American Military Spouse Choir….On America’s Got Talent

The American  Military Spouse Choir appeared on NBC’s America’s Got Talent last night.

They spoke frankly about deployment. They talked about the power of  healing that comes from music. Then they talked about the power that comes from  reaching out. “What we have together is more than a singing group,” one spouse  said. “It’s a sisterhood.”

“We have to come together or we wouldn’t survive,” said another.

They stepped out in front of that audience and sang, “Ain’t No  Mountain High Enough.” Go ahead and watch it, you will me amazed by the talent!

The American Military Spouses Choir (previously known as Homefire) has given a VOICE to American Military spouses through music. Their first single “The Promise” was commissioned by famed Producer David Foster and written by Charlie Midnight (“Living In America”), Jay Landers (head of A&R for Universal Music) and Bernie Herms (writer and producer for Natalie Grant).

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