All Things Great….Thought of Moving or Relocating to Williamsburg, VA?

CWBy: Williamsburg Military Insider

Few places combine the cultural and historical aspects of Williamsburg, Virginia. U.S. Airways Magazine February 2013 has highlighted how wonderful Williamsburg, VA is!  The past meets the present in a place where America travelled from the frontier days of Jamestown in 1607, through the American Revolution and on to the Civil War. Restored Colonial Williamsburg recreates town life and, together with nearby Yorktown and Jamestown, help visitors and residents revisit and remember our national roots. Virginia’s colonial capital still thumps to the beat of the fifes and drums and the hammering of metal at the blacksmith shop.  You can still take a carriage ride down Duke of Gloucester Street, tour the Governors Palace, and walk in the footsteps of George Washington.  But you can also go to the spa, shop in Merchants Square, and play 18 holes at the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club.  That’s right: John D. Rockerfeller Jr.s dream in now studded with world class amenities.  The presence of one of the top small colleges in the country in William and Mary brings the vibrancy of young ideas and contemporary cultural life to blend with the old. Families flourish in the mild Virginia climate and enjoy the proximity to Virginia and North Carolina beaches, Blue Ridge Mountains and urban attractions of Norfolk, Richmond and Washington, D.C. all within 1-3 hours driving time. The commute to Langley AFB 20-30 min, there is nothing better than living in Williamsburg, VA.

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