Active Duty Military ” Underwater” on Your Mortgage…Write your Congressman or Senator.

By: Williamsburg Military Insider

Today on Fox News Congressman Andrews talked about the HAP program (Housing Assistance Program) Congressman Andrews was asked why was the date July 1, 2006 actually chosen under the HAP Program if you know? Congressman Andrews answered “I think it was totally chosen out of the air and it doesn’t bare any relationship to the people struggling to hold onto their homes.”  Congressman Andrews is an advocate for the Military Family.  Congressman Andrews wants to get a lot more specific than that “ I want to specifically put the money in the Defense Bill so these families are not caught in this terrible situation they’re in right now.” The Defense Law will be signed September 30, 2011 this is the time to write to your Congressman and Senators and share your story.

Congressman Andrews also stated “My understanding is to take care of this entire problem would cost about 1 billion dollars. To put that in some perspective, every thirty-seven billion dollars is 1 percent of our budget. So this is 1/37 of 1 percent of the federal budget would cure this entire problem for all the deserving military families.  I think we should just do it and stop talking about it.”

 The next step is for people all around the country to talk to their house members and talk to their senators and say look, we’ve helped a lot of other people who needed help with their housing situation, the first on the list should be the men and women who voluntarily step forward to help serve this country in the military.” It is shameful, as far as I’m concerned, that there are people in civilian life that have been treated a lot better under these programs than people who step forward to serve in the military.”

 If you are moved or motivated write your Congressman or Senator today!

 Watch the interview.

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