Day: June 12, 2011

Day 2 : Five Things You Didn’t Know That Could Get Your Home Sold In Williamsburg, VA

By: Williamsburg Military Insider

The right sights, smells and sounds. It’s no news flash that the view of a used car lot; smelly fo0ds or animal smells; and the siren song of a fire station next door could be deal-killers. What might surprise is some of the right sights, smells and sounds that can help seal the sale of your home.  The more natural beautiful sights, smells and
sounds are, the more favorably they’ll be received by the largest population of
prospective buyers. You might be desensitized to the amazing views of trees, mountains or even water outside your window, but pulling back the curtains so prospective buyers can see for themselves is an absolute must.

Home buying is a multi-sensory experience – visual staging of the property itself is no longer a plus, it’s a must!  Homes which create pleasant impressions that impress
on all of a buyer’s sensory cylinders definitely have the edge on their competition.