Day 1 : Five Things You Didn’t Know That Could Get Your Home Sold In Williamsburg, VA

By : Willliamsburg Military Insider

There’s so much information on the web these days about how
to stage your home and create compelling curb appeal which you might think you know all you need to on the matter. Just when you thought you’d mastered the matter, there might be  five  more things that can get your home sold, some or all of which might never have occurred to you before . I have listed the first and over the next five days I will list all five.

1. Your neighbors. Most homeowners contemplating selling their homes
understand the importance of well-kept neighboring homes. Many times a buyer
has pulled up to an amazing house, viewed it, and left shaking their head with
woe because they just can’t get over buying the place due to the shoulder-high
weeds, car in the yard or crumbling ruins of the house next door. On the flip side, your neighbors themselves – not just the homes, but the people – can actually help sell your home. Many homeowners know people who want to live in their neck of the woods; this is one reason many seasoned Realtors hold open houses to neighbors and send out just
listed cards to neighbors announcing the listing – the neighbors might know
people who are interested in your home! Also, neighbors who are out and about
chatting with each other, laughing and playing with their kids, mowing their
lawns or painting their fences, or even who just offer a smile and helpful area
knowledge to the buyer-to-be they pass on the street can make a very favorable
impression on prospective buyers.

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